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An Opportunity for consultancy Services – The Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu


The Diocese of Mzuzu, under the umbrela body, the Episcopal Corrfeiena of MM has for the pest years been evangelizing and implementing the socioeconomic and social-political developments through its subsdiary bodies and arms i.e. the pastoral commission, the health commission, the education commission, the communications commission including Radio Tigabane , and the Catholic Commission for justice and Peace (CCJP). Through these the Diocese continued to improve livelihoods.

It now wishes to undertake an Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) and develop a strategic plan. The purpose of the OCA is to facilitate the establishment of the structures best suited for the effective deliverance of all Diocesan activities In the most economical way to improve service delivery, organizational performance and suistainability.
To carry out this important task, the Diocese is looking for services of a consultant.

Broad Objective
The broad objective of the task is:
• To carry out an Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA) and facilitate the development of a 5-year strategic plan for the Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu.
Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the task are:
* To review and analyze the current operations structures of Mzuzu Diocese.
‘determine the future direction the diocese* needs to take, suggest priorities and ascertain strategies of achieving the priorities for the Diocese through a Strategic Plan

Scope of Work
The successful consultant will be required to undertake the following main activities:
a) Conduct a situation analysis of the key issues and challenges Impacting on the performance of Diocese of Mzuzu.
b) Familiarize with Mzuzu Diocese set up, Its existing programs and structures, including review of diocesan documents and meetings with key staff.
c) Do literature review of these documents, policies and other relevant instruments with a view to appreciate the establishment, composition, mandate and operations of the diocese.
d) Analyze and prepare reports on Identified gaps and needs then propose recommendations.
e) Incorporate comments made by the diocese management, other stakeholders and prepare final reports/documents for adoption by the Diocese.
f) Identify areas considered strategic and recommend a comprehensive strategy for the sustainable development and Improved effectiveness of the Diocese.
g) Review the existing organizational structure of the Diocese of Mzuzu and recommend a more effective set-up for efficient operations.
h) Suggest resource requirements over a five (5) year period.
I) Recommend strategies for effective collaboration and networking with other players within the religious governance sector, accountability bodies, civil society and laity.
j) Lead discussions in workshop fashion aimed at getting input from representatives from the parishes, Commissions and stakeholders and revise the drafts In line with any such relevant comments.
k) Interview selected key stakeholders, the Diocesan Central Administration, all Commissions and their sub-units as stipulated under background above, all income generating units under the diocese, selected parishes, sister congregations and some selected laity.
l) Hold face to face consultations with the Bishop, Vicar General and Curia.
m) Present the final draft of the Strategic Plan to the Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese through a Committee that has specially been set up to oversee this task
n) Interface with the specialized committee, on this task through the Project’s Team on a regular basis.
Key deliverables


The successful consultant will deliver the following:
• Organizational Capacity Assessment report (OCA) with clear recommendations (draft and final). This will have to be submitted in two hard copies and an electronic version once all inputs from relevant stakeholders have been incorporated
• A Draft five-year Strategic Plan with dear strategies and Implementable action points and well set targets. Submission will have to be in two hard copies and an electronic copy.
Please note that the Consultant will be responsible to the specialized committee the Diocese has set up to oversee the fulfillment of this task and the Committee is ultimately responsible to the Bishop and his central administration team
Duration of consultancy
• The consultancy Is expected to last for a period of 15 man days spread over a period of one (1) month.
Required Experience and Qualifications

The successful consultant will have the following attributes: –
• Demonstrate experience In evaluation and carrying out organizational audits with aim of restructuring organizational components and set ups.
• Possess experience In conducting and facilitating similar strategic planning processes
• Possess wide ranging experience with Strategy Formulation with the Catholic ethos in mind
• Demonstrate knowledge and experience in using participatory approaches.
• Good Interpersonal and communication skills

The Lead Consultant should possess a relevant postgraduate qualification In any of the following areas:
• Social Sciences or Business Management / Administration or Economics or any relevant/related field.
• A Degree of Master Is required In the relevant field; those with a Ph.D in the relevant field will have an added advantage
Submission procedures:
Applicants are required to submit the following:
• Detailed CVs of the lead consultant and his/her team members clearly indicating the experience and qualifications required for the assignment
• Submit both a technical and a financial proposal
• The technical proposal should detail the approaches to the task with clear milestones as well as work plans within the stated man days
, A breakdown of tasks and responsibilities between/among the team members would also be appreciated
• The financial proposal should break down the costs very clearly for each expenditure line
„« All applications have to be submitted electronically to:
. With copies to:
aachunda@gmall.com and lsaacalba@gmall.com

All applicatlons should clearly be marked “OCA & SP CONSULTANCY”
Closing date for ail applications is 26th December 2016 at 12 noon. Late applications will not be attended to.

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