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Sample CV
Sample CV

Agriculture Consultant – Malawi Sample CV

Moses Kando
P.O Box xxx,


Cell: +265888XXXXXX
Email Address: mkando@xxxx.com


Aspiring for the position of an Agricultural Advisor to contribute effectively, to increase the agriculture production output and utilize my learning experiences and research abilities to prove my potential to offer the best.


  • Widely gained experience at carrying out research and development functions
  • Assisted an agricultural engineer for providing useful support activities
  • Provided administration and organization support for systematic implementation of technological developments in agriculture
  • Proficient at managing agricultural personnel activities and providing technological support


  • Proficient at handling administration and organization functions
  • Strong analytical and mathematical skills
  • Good verbal and written communication abilities
  • Familiarity with current market requirements and technology developments
  • Aware of the advanced technological inputs in agriculture

Technical skills:

  • Proficient at managing Microsoft Office functions
  • Excellent report preparation skills, with in-depth understanding of MS Word functions
  • Outstanding at handling 3D designing operations
  • Effective database management functions


  • Bachelor’s in ‘Agricultural Management’ from Malawi University of Agriculture in 2009
  • Completed a diploma course in ‘Advanced Developments in the Field of Agriculture and its Applications’ at Blantyre Applied College of Agriculture
  • Attended a training program on ‘Research and Technology Management’ at Blantyre Applied College of Agriculture


Professional experience:

Assistant Agricultural Advisor, Mulanje Farm Produce Industries Ltd. Ntcheu

2010 – till date

Role and responsibilities

  • Performing necessary support functions to offer clients with highly relevant and useful services to improve their agricultural efficiency
  • Carrying out effective analysis to understand soil type and locational environment, to offer the best advisory services to solve such geographical issues; designing and developing useful remedial measures to overcome such matters
  • Providing support in connection with agricultural research, seed plantation, pest control, soil testing and implementation of new technological advancements
  • Organizing presentations to offer clients with useful information about the technology and creating well integrated details to serve the organization’s objective
  • Carrying out research and development functions to ensure smooth agricultural operations functioning and to be updated with environmental changes
  • Marketing technological developments, new tools, and equipments to generate good agricultural output, and persuade potential customers to avail technical support services

Assistant Agricultural Consultant; Adam Seeds Ltd. Blantyre
Role and responsibilities

  • Utilized the organization’s tools and techniques to provide clients with effective technological support functions, to attain remarkable increase in agricultural productivity
  • Helping clients to design, plan, develop, and organize various agricultural functions to improve production output
  • Utilizing technological advancements to prepare necessary documentation and records to monitor development of the farm operations, and to have a good feedback system
  • Designing the content of the organization’s advisory leaflets, press releases, and advertisements; communicating useful advices, and managing critical information to market the organization’s advisory services
  • Providing the farmers with useful advice to apply environment friendly tools and techniques to preserve environmental balance
  • Promoting effective production techniques to ensure environment sustainability, and have a moderate approach towards technological developments


  • Recognized as ‘The Best Agricultural Engineering Support Manager’ for offering useful technological support functions, to develop new plantation technique, to avoid crop diseases and improving agricultural productivity


Dick Gama
Seeds engineer

Malibu Agriculture Consultancy

P.O Box xxx,


Cell: +265888XXXXXX
Email Address: dgama@xxxxxx.com


Linda Banthu
P.O Box xxx,


Cell: +265888XXXXXX
Email Address: lbanthu@xxxx.com


Money Nkhondo
Branch Manager,

Ntchisi Seeding company

P.O Box xxx,


Cell: +265888XXXXXX
Email Address: mnkhondo@xxxx.com

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